OLBIUS (The Online Business Bus) implements and supports Apache OFBiz™ ERP software solutions

ERP implementation

Apache OFBiz™ ERP is a foundation and starting point for reliable, secure and scalable enterprise solutions. Our mission to integrate all data and processes of an organizations into a unified system.

eCommerce service

We provide a stable, reliable and proven eCommerce platform to customer to build online business. Our e-commerce platform delivers a powerful set of integrated e-commerce and warehouse management functionality to small businesses and their customers.

OFBiz customization

We begin with Apache OFBiz, which delivers industry-leading e-commerce functionality that is among the most flexible and mature on the market. Strategically, this makes fantastic sense. OFBiz comes with just about any e-commerce feature you desire out-of-the-box. It also happens to be freely available under the Apache software license, which brings potentially huge savings to your project on day one.

We then proceed to deliver an e-commerce experience that is tailored to your business. From a totally custom user interface through every last user interaction, our solutions make it easy for your customers to find and learn about products, create wish lists, redeem coupons, checkout and provide payment using a variety of multi-channel options, and have their products shipped by one of a variety of carriers.

We also provide services to extend existing OFBiz feature and implement new features, includes OFbiz theme design and customization.