OLBIUS (The Online Business Bus) implements and supports Apache OFBiz™ ERP software solutions

ERP implementation

Apache OFBiz™ ERP is a foundation and starting point for reliable, secure and scalable enterprise solutions. Our mission to integrate all data and processes of an organizations into a unified system.

E-commerce services

We provide a stable, reliable and proven eCommerce platform to customer to build online business. Our e-commerce platform delivers a powerful set of integrated e-commerce and warehouse management functionality to small businesses and their customers.

OFBiz customization

We also provide services to extend existing OFBiz feature and implement new features, includes OFbiz theme design and customization.

Our Demo implementations are updated occasionally to reflect the latest features of the eCommerce solution.


Open Platform

Apache OFBiz™ is a community-driven open source ERP framework that is a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation. The software is available under the Apache 2.0 software license, which means it is free for commercial purposes.

Flexibility Framework

These applications are designed to be flexible and customizable to real-world business requirements, to work together on top of a shared data model. This allows for a single-source system to function across a wide variety of business divisions within an organization.

Scalable Solution

The solution is able to support multiple deployment model, from shared resource to multiple servers. Resources are dynamically assigned when needed.

Dedicated team

OLBIUS provides a dedicated team for each of our clients as required to successfully execute each project.

Agile development

OLBIUS applies Agile development model, a lightweight framework, for helping teams, given a constantly evolving functional and technical landscape, maintain a focus on the rapid delivery of business value. As a result of this focus and its associated benefits, organizations are capable of significantly reducing the overall risk associated with software development.


This often includes opportunities for us to share OFBiz™ best practices and conduct developer training. We are also available to help understand and address the needs of internal users during the on-boarding process, adjusting and fine-tuning the system to make the experience as smooth as possible for the entire company.

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